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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Champion’s experienced staff is available via phone from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday: 800.336.6033

Email inquiries may also be sent to: info@championutility.com

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When considering sub-metering commercial projects,  radio systems are the preferred method for collecting data. The leaders in the commercial industry are transitioning to this methodology. It provides real-time data that can be obtained 24/7 eliminating any human errors that may arise otherwise. If you have a manually-read system and you’re worried about the difficulty of transitioning, don’t be. Champion assures you there will be minimum disruption to your operations with maximum benefits as your end result.Every project starts with a survey, report and analysis of the property and its requirements. Our goal is to understand your expectations and partner with your company for the proper solution. Once the specifications are analyzed we present our recommendations. Recommendations provided may include servicing existing equipment, the retrofitting of new parts, or the installation of newer technologies and equipment that provides better results.

We work with the leading sub-metering equipment manufacturers and we also own a our own Service Company, which further ensures satisfactory results. At Champion, satisfaction is more than a promise… It is our tradition.


  • Fresh Meadows Place (Federal Realty) – Fresh Meadows, NY
  • Stuart Centre (Ram Realty) – Stuart, FLorida
  • The W Hotel and Condominium – Austin, Texas
  • The Riz Carlton Condominium – Dallas, Texas
  • The Shoppes Park Lane Mall (Northwood Investors) – Dallas, Texas
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