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HOBE SOUND, FL – Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority (CRHA) and Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority (PRHA) in Va., choose Champion Utility Billing Services, a Florida-based company that specializes in advanced sub-metering technology and billing services for utility energy management, as its sub-metering billing provider.

Both housing authorities have been committed to achieving excellence in providing affordable quality housing. They are in the business of revitalizing communities, promoting upward mobility and enhancing the quality of life of its citizens.

But like many other nonprofit organizations, the CRHA and PRHA can face certain economic challenges. Therefore, it’s imperative it continues to develop strategies that improve its housing stock, financial stability and resident services. By partnering with a sub-metering company to oversee its utility billing, it is relieving the everyday burden of utility management and streamlining the billing process.

From reading the meters and generating bills to collecting resident payments and fielding questions and concerns, Champion appropriates the time-consuming task of utility billing, as it designates a dedicated team to monitor and recapture utility usage and costs.

Champion is now billing the residents at Broadlawn Park and Peaceful Village for CRHA, and five properties for PRHA. It is also currently in the process of interfacing with PRHA’s meter reading software.

For further information, contact the Marketing Department at 800-336-6033 ext. 14

About Champion Utility Billing Services:

Champion – a Florida-based company – was founded with the goal of bringing an unprecedented level of quality customer service to its clients. With more than 40 years of combined experience in the sub-metering industry, Champion clients are developers, builders, owners and property management companies. Projects include commercial/industrial, mixed-use and multi-tenant properties. With more than $10 billion in real estate sub-metered, Champion has developed a customized utility energy management solution that guard utility resources and give clients a competitive edge. From equipment installation, retrofits and equipment service to advance sub-metering technology, personalized customer service and billing services, Champion prides itself on providing a turn-key sub-metering package to fit overall utility energy management needs. Visit Champion’s website at www.championutility.com


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