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Photo Credit: The Wharf – PN Hoffman

HOBE SOUND, FL – Champion Utility Billing Services, a Florida-based company that specializes in advanced sub-metering technology and billing services for utility energy management, installed sub-metering systems to recapture water, gas, electric and BTU charges at The Wharf in Washington, DC.

The largest waterfront development in the country, The Wharf is committed to sustainable solutions. Its mission to protect, support and improve upon Washington’s waterway and habitat, is a philosophy that has emanated in every phase of its construction.

This $2.5 billion, mix-use project has implemented an energy management program to not only monitor, benchmark and recapture its utility costs, but to encourage its vast tenants to conserve, as well.

Sub-metering The Wharf has been an exercise in ingenuity and teamwork. Hoffman-Madison Waterfront (HMW), The Wharf’s developmental team, which is comprised of PN Hoffman and Madison Marquette sought out Champion’s expertise to address The Wharf’s extensive sub-metering requirements.

So while the decision to sub-meter a diverse and structurally complicated project was a seemingly easy one, its execution, however, was a bit more challenging.

Champion came on board once the mechanical systems at The Wharf were up and running, thus making the installation process more complex. Operating systems needed to be shut down, water lines needed to be drained, and the coordinating of schedules with other trades on site became paramount.

In order to ensure a smooth install job, Champion partnered with Sub-Metering S.M.A.R.T., a project management, installation and service company exclusive to sub-metering, to assist in managing this project.

Together they overcame obstacles by providing out-of-the-box solutions. Solutions that involved installing a remote camera on a specific meter point at the property’s amphitheater to capture data at precise times. Since the meter itself only transmits data every three hours, Champion and S.M.A.R.T. agreed the camera would help HMW monitor exactly how much energy the venue will be using during events.

“There were a lot of moving pieces, “Jonathan Velez, S. Field Tech and Project Manager of Sub-Metering S.M.A.R.T., says. “But through our collective efforts and our connection with local trades in the area, we were able to meet construction timelines.”

At full build-out, there will be 14 signature buildings new residential, office, hotel, retail, cultural, private event, marina, and public spaces, including waterfront parks, piers, and docks. These are linked by a waterside promenade with more than 50 restaurants and shops stretching a mile along the waterfront.

Phase 1 of The Wharf launched on October 12, 2017. Groundbreaking of Phase II is scheduled for mid-2018 and expected to be finished in 2022.


For further information, contact the Marketing Department at 800.336.6033 ext. 14
About Champion Utility Billing Services: Champion a Florida-based company – was founded with the goal of bringing an unprecedented level of quality customer service to its clients. With more than 40 years of combined experience in the sub-metering industry, Champion’s clients are developers, builders, owners and property management companies. Projects include commercial/industrial, mixed-use and multi-tenant properties. With more than $10 billion in real estate sub-metered, Champion develops a customized utility energy management solution that will guard utility resources and give clients a competitive edge. From equipment installation, retrofits and equipment service to advance sub-metering technology, personalized customer service and billing services, Champion prides itself on providing a turn-key sub-metering package to fit your overall utility energy management needs. Visit Champion’s website at www.championutility.com

The Wharf

The Wharf, developed by Hoffman-Madison Waterfront, is a $2.5 billion, world-class, mixed-use waterfront development centrally located on the Potomac River, along the historic Washington Channel. Situated along the District of Columbia’s Southwest Waterfront and adjacent to the National Mall, The Wharf stretches across almost one mile of waterfront on 24 acres of land and more than 50 acres of water from the Municipal Fish Market to Fort McNair. When complete, it will feature more than three million square feet of residential, office, hotel, retail, cultural, and public uses including waterfront parks, promenades, piers and docks.


Led by PN Hoffman and Madison Marquette, the development group is comprised of ER Bacon Development, City Partners, Paramount Development and Triden Development. The first phase of The Wharf opens in October of 2017 and will celebrate with a six-month long series of events and public activities debuting on Thursday, October 12.


More information is available at www.wharfdc.com.



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