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HandsGlobeLet’s face it, we are a country of consumers and with the population perpetually increasing, there may come a day when our natural resources are depleted.

We throw the word “conservation” around like a football being tossed among friends. We want to do it, we talk about doing it, but at the end of the day ARE we? We’re hesitant to change our ways – maybe because we’re too apathetic, too uninformed, or too uninterested.
So how we can give this matter  urgency? 
Perhaps, we can start by tackling the problem in the world we professionally know – the multifamily industry.

According to a study conducted by the EPA, sub-metering can help you conserve water, among many other things. Although there is an initial investment involved – a cost that is recaptured within two years or less, sub-metering can reduce water consumption by 20 to 40 percent. This reduction can be seen across the board with other utilities as well because bottom line is, when people are responsible for paying what they consume, they will start to consume more responsibly.
So do your part – you owe it to your company, your residents and your environment…Sub-meter your property and conserve water.
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