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Photo Credit: Better Housing Coalition – The Goodwyn at Union Hill

HOBE SOUND, FL –Champion Utility Billing Services, a Florida-based company that specializes in advanced sub-metering technology and tenant billing services, is proud to announce it has sub-metered Better Housing Coalition’s newest property: The Goodwyn at Union Hill in Va.

Richmond largest not-for-profit community development corporation, BHC has revitalized several historic communities and developed new ones, as well, including The Goodwyn at Union Hill.

BHC broke ground on The Goodwyn at Union Hill on May 12, 2017. With 52 new units, BHC built high-quality apartment homes for working families in the historic Union Hill neighborhood.

Recognizing the value in having the development sub-metered for water, BHC contacted Champion in the summer of 2018. Together they agreed to equip the property with a system that could provide data transparency, meter functionality and customizable reporting. By the beginning 2019, the system was up and running, and Champion’s billing team took over.   Continue reading

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Park 216 Apartments

Photo Credit: Pembroke Commercial Realty – Park 216

HOBE SOUND, FL – Pembroke Commercial Realty, a full service real estate firm, chooses Champion Utility Billing Services, a Florida-based company that specializes in advanced sub-metering technology and tenant billing services, to sub-meter and bill its newest property in Virginia: Park 216.

Located in Northern Suffolk, Park 216 is a luxury apartment complex that offers one and two bedroom apartments with an array of amenities. It is located near Hampton Roads Crossing, where shopping and dining are steps away. It’s a combination of comfort and convenience, and a modern addition to Pembroke’s multi-family portfolio.

As one of Champion’s original customers, Pembroke Commercial Realty turned to Champion for turnkey sub-metering services. Champion’s construction and project management team installed a sub-metering technology to read and recapture the water usage consumed in each unit. And through a user-friendly yet sophisticated automated reading system, Champion’s billing team is able to digitally download the meter reads and calculate usage in order to produce monthly bills and reports. The customizable reports show recaptured usage, cost recovery, equipment performance and usage anomalies.
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Sub-Metering BuildingsA recent article published by Commercial Property Executive, discusses 5 reasons owners should sub-meter their projects.

Information was gathered by a recent study conducted by the Institute for Market Transformation, a non-profit nationally recognized organization that helps buildings improve their energy efficient programs. Each year, Americans spend more than $400 billion to heat, cool and power the buildings they live and work in. The IMT’s efforts help not only owners, occupants and cities save money, but also increase property value, reduce energy consumption and create healthier infrastructures.

Sub-metering software aides in these efforts.

In fact the study, titled, “Why Landlords Should Take the Lead On Installing Sub-meter Technology,” says sub-metering can help owners and landlords:

  • Increase transparency and accountability in promoting efficient practices
  • Access real-time energy consumption data via cloud-based platforms
  • Recapture, measure and verify energy usage
  • Perform diagnostics on equipment functionality
  • Improve conservation

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