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According to a recent article published by the Wall Street Journal, U.S. rents are on the rise once again.

The real estate research firm, Reis, Inc., released a report indicating rents have increased by an average of 0.8 percent to $1,083 a month in the quarter. And even though that is below the previous quarter’s 1 percent increase, it is still above the the .06 percent in 2012′s final quarter.

For all of 2013, rents climbed 3.2% and about 127,000 units. Continue reading

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Mark-Dana Corporation, a full real estate company, chooses Champion Utility to sub-meter four properties in VA, and bill the residents for their respective usage.

As a developer, builder and manager of multi-family housing in Texas and Virginia, Mark-Dana saw the value behind sub-metering and elected to have Champion install water meters at four of its Virginia properties. The billing services began January 2014.

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Water PipeFor the past two years now we’ve been talking about it, and now the time is here. As of January 2014, the Lead Free legislation is officially in effect.

Although the term “lead free’” isn’t completely accurate, the new law mandates the wetted surface of every pipe, fixture, and fitting sold for or installed/replaced  in potable water applications not contain more than 0.25 percent lead by weight, which is considerably lower than the former standard of 0.8 percent. Therefore, it will be considered illegal to sell, install or replace products that do not meet the new requirement. Continue reading

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Champion Utility kicked off the New Year with a great start…
Federal Realty, a leader in the ownership, operation, and redevelopment of high quality retail real estate in the country, has hired Champion to sub-meter a NY property:  Fresh Meadows. A commercial property,  Fresh Meadows is located in Queens and is comprised of 50 units.
Federal realty chose Champion to install sub-metering equipment in Fresh Meadows, and come mid-February Champion will also be its billing service provider.
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New-York-City-SkylineCurious about what cities are booming this year? Well, according to a recent article from Multifamily Executive, there are 10 markets in the country that are experiencing a catapulting rent growth, and with this growth comes an increase in jobs.

Continue reading

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